Top 10 languages across the world

An eminent literary critic named George Steiner once stated, “Without translation, we’d be living in regions circumscribing hush.”- citing the importance of translation. But translation is just not strictly limited to mere transformation of content but it includes meticulous understanding of the content to retain its context and also requires comprehending numerous relevant aspects involved. This enables the translator to achieve consistency throughout the content.

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Irrespective of the objectives, connectivity through written words needs a certain level of understanding and cautious observation so as to get the meaning right. To make people understand your point of view, whether it’s to effectively communicate with your employees, understanding you clients need in a better manner or creating marketing material to sell your product or service to the intended party requires translation services of the highest quality.  Quality is a topmost priority in translation as you would want the other party to understand what you actually want to convey.

It is of utmost importance to get the best translation provider who can create an impactful localization strategy for your business. The other thing to consider is how to choose an appropriate language/s to disseminate the required information as there are 6000 + known living languages. Well, you need to take some factors into consideration such as languages used by your competitors, your target audience’s preferences of language etc.

After discovering the potential market and the local language of the targeted market, you can get professional translation services. Well, we too have complied a well-researched list of the best 10 languages you can consider for your business and promoting content translation while successfully competing in worldwide markets.

Rank Language
1 English
2 Chinese
3 Spanish
4 Arabic
5 Portuguese
6 Japanese
7 Russian
8 Malay
9 French


The aforementioned list is a compilation which we predict to be effectively used worldwide this year. So, your list, for instance, created with a smaller target geographical region,may differ from ours.


Choosing a target language is of great importance and whichever language you choose should have a great and right impact on the target audience.

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