Translation Services in India: Document Translation & Website Localization

India is the seventh largest country in the world regarding the area and second most populated country in the world. The landscape of India is diverse with a footprint of a large number of companies in a large number of sectors – consumer Services, technology, Health Care, telecommunication, utilities, Banking and Financial and many more. These companies –small & medium size, MNCS require and are seeking translation services in India. These services have gained tremendous importance as business origination have shifted gears to the online space and they look forward to connecting with the potential customers in new markets.

translation services in India

It is noteworthy that Translation is a broad spectrum and it involves a lot of activities that are aimed at translation of relevant content about the company and its Products & Services.  Document translation is of paramount importance as every organization requires accurate, concise, precise marketing collateral which is content-rich and which communicates the intended message with fineness and accurately. Today organizations need translators for creating multi-lingual versions of their user-guides, reports, power point presentations to efficiently communicate with employees – internal and external human resources and with customers.

In India, there’s a burgeoning demand for translation, whether it’s the Travel & Tourism sector, Banking and financial institutions, Information Technology Companies, Manufacturing companies, Medical and Pharmacy sector, consumer product s: Home Appliances or the Legal field, hospitality industry, Real estate sector, Media and telecom companies. These and many more industries are seeking the services of translation companies as they know that it is an important step to communicate with the new potential customers and retain the existing ones.  Translators also create glossaries and terminology that involves translation of technical writing. Translation also includes editing and proof-reading of the documents. User manuals and brochures, etc. are translated into the local languages.  Industries are looking for expansion within and outside India, and thus the relevance of translation becomes even more critical.

The above-mentioned industries require website localization and website globalization services. Translating a website into the language of another geographical region is known as localization or globalization of the website. In this kind of translation, all the content, user- interface, multimedia, and graphics are taken into consideration to make it user-friendly for the target audience. A professional company will make use of Translation memory technologies to provide consistent results and will also engage in continuous web testing. Moreover, Quality assurance is done to ensure accuracy and consistency in the results. Work is undertaken on an array of web technologies by linguists, expert translators and subject matter experts who work in perfect tandem to provide website translation with 100% accuracy.  The skilled workforce assigned for website translation has expertise in scripting and programming languages, web graphics creation and localization and they also know Web Content Management Systems.

If you are looking for impeccable translation services in India, then, you might consider Onicara Corporation, which is one of the best professional companies providing translation services to a large number of industries. The astute services of their translators will help you connect with your target audience efficiently. For more information on this professional company, feel free to visit our website.

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