Know About Dhivehi Language Translation Services in Noida

Dhivehi or the Maldivian language is spoken in the south-Asian country of Maldives. It belongs to the Indo-European language family and is the language of Maldivians where the standard form of the Dhivehi language is used for communication. The Dhivehi language is also closely related to the Sinhalese language of Sri Lanka. The Mahl dialect of Dhivehi is the first language of people of Minicoy Island of the Lakshadweep. There are several other dialects of Dhivehi language such as Malé, Addu, Haddhunmathee, Huvadhu, Maliku and Mulaku, The Dhivehi language uses the Thaana script and is written from right to left. Several languages have influenced the Maldivian Language including Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu.  People are getting Dhivehi language translation services in Noida and in other Indian cities to connect with the Dhivehi speaking population.  The Republic of Maldives comprises a community which has different cultural backgrounds. You can find people belonging to ethnic groups of Sinhalese, Arabs and South Indians. Thus, there’s a massive variety in the culture, and if you are looking forward to connecting with the people here, you need a rich translation that is 100% accurate and is culturally sensitive.

dhivehi language translation in noida

With website localization and services into the Dhivehi Language, you can put your point of view and information about your products and services in a way that your target audience understands. Get your website translated, localized and get multi-lingual SEO so that your digital marketing efforts bear fruit. You’ll be able to connect with your potential customers efficiently. The travel & tourism industry can immensely benefit from translation services. If you own a travel agency and want to attract potential customers to explore the scenic beauty of the Maldives, you can get your online business- your website translated from Dhivehi to English, English to Dhivehi and other world languages with the assistance of language and translation experts.

Business can get their website localized in the Maldivian language and connect with people who understand the Maldivian language. You can also get documents translated into Indian and several world languages. For example, you can get your educational certificates such as matriculation certificates, intermediate certificates, Graduate and Post- Graduate degrees. You can get non-educational certificates such as Marriage certificates, Birth certificates, death certificates and commercial documents such s lease documents, partnership deeds, Power of attorney and many more. You can get the interpretation, voice over services too to get complete language solutions.

With certified linguists and team leaders that provide quality assurance should be a perfect choice for translation. Onicara Corporation- India’s most exceptional translation agency offers translation in multiple languages and addresses the translation requirement of a large number of industries as diverse as Travel & Tourism, Banking & finance, Chemicals many more industry segments who want to connect with international clients or with customers in the local language. With a massive team of certified linguists and interpreters, the agency is efficiently providing translation solutions. This agency offers Dhivehi language translation services in Delhi, Dhivehi language translation services in Mumbai, Dhivehi language translation services in Chennai, Dhivehi language translation services in Bangalore and Dhivehi language translation services in Hyderabad.

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